Sunday, December 9, 2007

primrose, the proper tomato

maybe you know the answer to this, why i haven't been updating of late, but i suppose that the correct answer would be that i haven't the time these days.. which is rather astounding, considering the frequency which i used to post in the past few years.

anyway, my mind's a blank, sorry i can't add much value to this post, but if you must know, my busy-ness has not been in naught. you can find the fruits of a recording session here at the new leeson song is called "absolute beginners", you'll love it. i know these things.

one point brilliance has also finished recording another song, so maybe that will be available soon as well -)

i've also been getting into the nextmen's latest single: something's got you

and if you haven't gotten your hands on joe henry's latest album, civilians, check his EPK out here with a stellar performance of "time is a lion"

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