Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SPREAD IT! (ideas that spread are like an STD)

okay, so what makes a piece of content shareable? almost everyday, i reach out to influencers, but is my content influencing? or even spreadable?

marketers like to call ideas that spread, the viral effect. it's like a disease, and then it becomes an epidemic. scary init?

but it still doesn't address that magick that makes you wanna go tell someone else, or in this case, infect.

let's look at the disease analogy more closely. in fact, let's look at it imagining it to be a sexually transmited disease like say.. syphyllis. (or genital warts)

so you suddenly find yourself with gential warts, you have an itch that needs scratching, and you don't sign yourself into rehab, in fact, what you still want to do, is sleep around regardless of the consequence.

okay, i exaggerate, but what i want to drive at, is this desire to fulfil your own needs, and in the process, you spread your disease. (unknowingly perhaps?) and your infected victims unknowingly spread it to someone else.

see, the idea is not genital warts (no one would sleep with you if you had them. note: make sure your ideas are not genital warts), the idea is desire.

you're sharing the desireability of your idea, that could be:

1. making someone else laugh
2. helping someone solve a problem
3. making someone more money
4. lifehacking someone else's processes
5. making myself / someone else extremely popular

we all have an itch that needs scratching, and that's what makes us want to spread it.

Trivia: how many times i've said "genital warts" in this post - 5


Hisham juzzywuzzy said...

you need to go for a holiday dude. :)

brian koh said...

@juzzywuzzy: hahaha, yes. i think that would help -)

Faris said...

this is very wise.

what's the benefit of transmission to the vector is a key question.