Monday, August 18, 2008

Local Band Leeson Makes 'Some Girls' More Popular Than Others

Local Singaporean band, Leeson ( have been making music since 2004, releasing a critically acclaimed EP 'Hero Music' in 2005 and have continued to wow audiences with grittingly fun pop music playing in venues such as the Esplanade, Stasis and Home Club.

By early 2008, they shifted gears by releasing their first single 'Absolute Beginners' on their myspace ( This was the first inkling of new material by the band and was praised as wonderfully poppy by fans and would-be passer-bys.

After more than four months, Leeson releases its latest single "Some Girls"

Download the single by clicking here

Already hailed by fans as 'swirling melodies and choppy rhythms with a life of their own' and having evident 'britpop jauntiness', Leeson sets itself apart from her counterparts by writing songs that will only seem to cast the warm sunshine on your carefree face. Yes, all is right with the world when you're bopping along to music like this.

Upcoming Gigs
Leeson will be playing the very splendid Baybeats indie music festival! Catch us on te 29th August from 8pm at the brand new Nokia Arena! Join us and other stalwarts in local and indie music! ( for more details)

Official 'Making Of' Video

Waking Up To by Morgan C. Hoax
Power of Pop by Kevin Matthews

For more information:
Facebook: Leeson Page


Jeremy said...

nice to hear your voice in both the written and audio form :)

Gotta give it some head room

brian koh said...

@jeremy: haha, thanks Jem -) it feel's good to be back too!