Sunday, September 16, 2007

things are always changing

i was going thru my old posts when i came across this one. i was about a month into my final week in uni and i asked myself these questions:

should i go back to singapore or seek life elsewhere?

i know i'm going to be in singapore for the the next three years of my life, or at least not in australia

what ministry should i join or will God put me into?

im helping out with the youth worship ministry, and people still remember that i play bass or made videos.

will i buy an lc-a?

i bought an lc-a

will i buy a mac?

i didn't buy a mac. i plan to at the end of the year.

will that mac be a powerbook or powermac?

i'm deciding between a blackbook or a macbook pro

should i be getting a satalite PC instead?

home got itself a desktop in the end.

what about portable music, an iriver or an ipod?

i bought a black 80gig ipod

what sorta music will i be playing when i go back to singapore?

i'm still playing in leeson, joined one point brilliance, and helping another side project out

do i start any new projects?

project rsvp, amongst other things

what sort of job will i hold in the future?

i'm working in ogilvy public relations

what sort of position will i get?

i started where everybody starts it

will i be respected by society and my peers?

nobody seems to hate me..

will i ever have a relationship with anyone?

not yet.

will whatever job i find myself into pave the way for something else, something greater?

it does seem that way, but only time will tell

how can i be a better musician?

by playing more often

how can i be a better christian?

obedience, faith, discipline

how can i be a better friend?

you stand by them

how can i be a better son?

you don't shirk from your responsibilities and you respect your parents

will i have enough for the future?

not yet.

what sort of hobbies will see me past my prime?

bass playing, reading

how will i age or grow old?

by asking questions

how will i bring up my kids?

maybe i won't have any..

what sort of values will i learn today that will serve me well into my years?

tonnes, i guess that's why i'm still alive..

will i ever direct my own production?

no. but i was a cinematographer on a project last year.

will i be a leading expert in my field?

not quite there yet. but i'm in an exciting place.

will all these things matter if i surrender everything to God?

i think they would still matter.

should i even be concerned about these things?

i don't see why not.. it's amazing how many questions have been answered in a year..

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