Wednesday, September 19, 2007

why blogs matter, even when everyone's doing it

this blog is not a diary. it is a publication that reaches out to the potential 6 billion people out there who can chance upon this space, with a computer, internet connection and a relatively good command of english.

while i exaggerate, the potential is there, not just for me, but for anybody who doesn't lock up his or her posts, and basically what we have here, is a virtual publication that is accessible via the use of the net.

extrapolate the future, worldwide wifi coverage, mobile devices subscribing to this blog's RSS feed, and you can receive real-time updates everytime i update, put new videos, pictures, audio, links and basically any sort of virtual content, anywhere, anytime and on the go.

mark my words, this is the future of digital communications.

although i'm sure you've heard it all before, which is why if you're reading this with interest, pay attention to these developments.

1. mobile devices
2. wifi
3. RSS
4. social bookmarking
5. lifestreams
6. convergence of services
7. simplicity in design

so if you're asking what this means for you, if everyone's doing the same thing, how will anyone get noticed?

8. aggregation <-- as more people link or direct to the source, that will raise the profile of a particular piece of content.

pay attention to the categories on the right hand side, with special emphasis on "theory" and "communication" if you like what you read in this post.

in the meantime, to demonstrate the power of linking or mixed media on a single blog post, check this video by cajun dance party below:

this song is definitely making it to my 2007 compilation.

when you think about it, i've linked media from youtube to my blog using an embedding code that displays a flash player on this blog post. when you think even further, google has acquired youtube, and that means a convergence in services.. and might we be too hasty to conclude that since blogger is owned by google, video-blogging is going to become even more common place in the future?

the virtualisation of our content is paramount to the future of digital communications. digitisation of analog content made it easier to share between peers. virtualisation allows all users to view, interact and share content using any browser connected to the net, independent of software. software and code exists in browsers, not your hard drives anymore.


Peranakan Dude said...

Er... "good command of English" doesn't appry, I mean, apply to some bloggers. If you have read the really horrendous ones. :P

brian koh said...

peranakan dude: *heh* i stress the word "relatively" good command.. as long as you understand, it can mean something to you. -)

The Singapore Daily said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the interesting post. We've featured it in The Singapore Daily. Thank you for linking us and your support!

Keep blogging,
The Singapore Daily

priscilla said...

Videocasting and mobile technologies are definitely going to be the up and coming. Some tech trendsetters are already playing with them.

nice post