Sunday, March 23, 2008

and so the story goes, the band plays on...

this easter long weekend has been a rather strange one of late. in a sense, everything went as it should, everything was great and for most part, i'm happy, glad that i was a part of something.

but still, the saturday was a very surreal one.. i felt a bit distanced from the things that were always around me. family, friends, activities.. it was a feeling of displacement that i couldn't really put a finger on. music seemed to have lost its lustre on me for a period, which is strange, even being around family and friends.

it wasn't a thought that suddenly hit me on the head, but more a nagging sensation that everything was going to end one day, that there didn't seem to be a point in pursuing all the things i had already pursued.

was it sense of totality and finality? or was it one of being unaccomplished?

like i said, i can't put a finger on it, and i do apologise if this has nothing to do with what i think professionally about certain things. but i do think that this is the essence of writing online, to share what's really on our hearts and minds, the things that make us human.

maybe i'm just afraid that i''ll become a machine, and nobody wins against the machine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Dropped by your blog. I think there are lots of gems in there. Consider me subscribed! (Tell me if your feedburner count goes up. Mine seems to be buggy)

brian koh said...

uniquefrequency : Thanks! i've subscribed to yours too -) it did go up from 1 to 3 recently, but it went back to 1 today. hahaha, i don't know.. i wished i blogged more often though..

i heart your blog too, many interesting things you got down there, and see you at social media breakfast!

bareboxersjournal said...

Hey brian, happen to click on your blog because i'm a bassist myself, although not a very good one. You have an interesting blog and material, good use of words and sentences too.. You'll be seeing more of me reading your blog, and i'll subscribe to your feed cos i know how it demoralising it feels to have ONE reader on your blog.. Here's to blogging in Singapore!