Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't bother paying bloggers to put up banner ads

advertising in the past decade or so seems to have lots its edge to disrupt us in our daily lives and take notice. it's not that the creativity isn't there, but i think we just know an advertisement when we see one. it just doesn't disrupt our lives anymore, and when it does, it tends to irk us instead of make us curious.

this is where i think advertising should evolve. it should evolve from just buying media space on people's blogs, magazines, tv and radio spots.

advertising should perhaps learn to involve people, let them experience the brand or product, not just through a microsite, but things like the coke and pepsi test that we still remember to this day, and very possibly still prefer coke.

how i'm not too certain, but i'll leave it to our award winning creative directors to come up with something new.

and this is where i see blog advertisers like nuffnang, adverlets and what not failing to actually give consumers something new. the web just ends up being cluttered with more banner ads that no one really clicks on. does it really help their client base of brands?

i know nuffnang (through my conversations with ming) that they involve their bloggers in a lot of social activities. i like the idea of this, and this is where the brands really get to interact with their consumers, and where i think nuffnang has helped extend a positive brand experience to the brands' ambassadors.

one campaign that has caught my attention is LG's involvement of bloggers at their press conference for the KS20. it's nothing new in blogger engagement, but i just think this is the future, you want bloggers to cover your event, because your consumers are reading blogs as well. there's no running away from it.

so it's just a simple gesture of inviting bloggers to your next media event. just make sure it's something the bloggers want to be invited to. -)


Celular said...

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claudia said...

You posted my thoughts. Have something similar in mind that I've been wanting to blog about but contemplated due to many reasons...

brian koh said...

claudia : glad to be able to help articulate what's been on your mind. would love to read your thoughts on this and how you think advertising, or even the media can improve.

the power is now with us, the users -) i hope your reasons don't have to do with any of the ad communities we have in Singapore, cuz we should always be honest, just not whining too much without offering solutions. -)

Ed said...

I'm actually more aligned to the thought that graphical blog advertising doesn't work for anyone and everyone. Instead of pushing direct products, it can act as a bridge to lead them somewhere to "experience" the brand/product as you said, instead of somewhere where direct sales is almost intentional.