Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Applying Maeda's First Two Laws of Simplicity to My Daily Living

It was a public holiday today, and i did the one thing that was most pressing on my to-do list:

clean my room.

quite literally, this is another of my attempts at thoughtful reduction, and i must say, it's a success. i have a bed to sleep on, my basses are nicely tucked in a corner, my computer space is neatly marked out to handle my macbook, midi keyboard, amplifiers and power points to house all my stompboxes.

this also brings into play simplicity law number two: organization, and by doing so, living in my room seems so much simpler and enjoyable, and in due time, productive.

yes. i also finally filed all my financial statements that had been accumulating, and my financial planner is going to be so proud of me.

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b. said...

My mom would be a follower.

b. (from yawa)