Friday, May 16, 2008

Predictions of the iPhone's impact in Singapore

So here's what i think.

i think that the iPhone will make social media tools more ubiquitous to Singaporeans when it's finally officially launched in Singapore.

why do i say that?

1) seamless wireless coverage around Singapore and 3G connection.

2) people will have near 24 hours connection to the net on a mobile device that has true web experience and user experience (screen touching! how intuitive can you get?)

this means that people will (hopefully) start subscribing to RSS feeds, receiving content via the iPhones, using Twitter a lot more, and actually blogging more on the go.

And one other reason why i think this will be so, is because so many of us travel by public transport, and there'll be a lot of downtime. traveling, waiting for friends to show up.. etc. i dare not think when WiMax becomes a part of all this.

The recipe is this.

ubiquitous network coverage + ubiquitous mobile internet device = ubiquitous net usage and a need to aggregate information faster, and on the fly.

we'll see come september

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