Sunday, December 11, 2005

the come down
geee.. blogging always feels different in singapore because i'm finally here, where i've always assumed where most of my audience was. i miss napkin man loads, and that missing link was really felt at zoukout last night.

anyway, i was really high last night, really happy, as usual i did a lotta stupid things, said alotta stupid things all in the name of good fun. my only regret of sorts was being high to the point where i wasn't appreciating the music, but rather just prancing around like a hippie in the sixties. i attribute this to too much time in a hippy university like murdoch, and i assure you, the images of a giant bonfire and people dancing around it were flashing in my mind, and my dance moves were totally influenced by that sort of imagery.

all in all, i feel a tad strange missing church, but the fun last night was good healthy and clean. (to the best of my knowledge), i hope its not justification of sorts, but if anything, the come down is that, after being surrounded by so many people, we always have to deal with alone-ness. for tonight my parents are going out for a dinner, and i'll be alone, and it should be a good chance to reflect..

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