Saturday, December 3, 2005

the last days
wot? is it saturday already? after the slew on updates on thursday, my friday was spent.. well, like any other friday ought to be spent. no, i lie, i don't know how its supposed to work on friday, but i went to give out flyers in the city for this one-time job i had. quite a depressing job, but so much so that it helps mirror life. you get rejected so often, but you have to keep going on, irritating people and hoping they smile at you or reject you kindly. the ones that cut deep, were those that pretended you were invisible, as if you didn't exist. i suppose it just goes to show how some of us can actually feel we're so much better than someone else.

but after that was metal gear solid 3 and halo 2 and daryl and shaun's houses. its been awhile since i hung with the guys in my cell.. but yay! it was fun!

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