Tuesday, December 27, 2005

nerves of steel
noticing her from across the room, her golden strands seemed to fill the surrounding space. like fireflies they darted around her table, seemingly oblivious to the stares of all those around her, like fireflies they danced and circled around her, painting a beautiful aura of flame and spectacle. as her deep blue knowing eyes examined the table prepared before her, her careful hand light cusped the side of the table as she slid herself into the cold wooden chair. i swear i saw the grains on the chair repsond to her touch, i swear that they reacted in such a way that knows no explaination. but i don't need an explaination, i just want to feel my arms around her waist, i want to guide her step by step through a waltzy two step. as she looks into my confident eyes, i want her to trust in me completely and know where we are headed.. into a future safe where no others can take us, and no others can hurt us. we'd dance through time itself, and find ourselves at the edge of it, and then we'd plunge straight down into the abyss, and still we would be safe. so i muster up everything within me, i go to where she is and there, our eyes meet. and then it burns, how she looks into me, and burns my insides out. i procliam loudly "you are a goddess..!" as just before darkness engulfs my eyes, i see wings covering her face.. slowly as she rises, wings wrap her holy white feet, and finally before i collapse to my knees, i see that with magnificent wings she lifts herself off from gravity. the force of it swirls around my aching ears and she whispers strongly throughout my being..

"yes.. and you are a mere man.."

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