Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brian Morgan Productions Pilot Vodcast: The Muxtape Episode

without much fanfare, production values and a brand new blackbook, i present brian morgan productions a first look at music you should be listening to and all the other cool DIY things you could be doing.

who we are: brian leery, bassist & inquisitive social media practitioner and morgan c. hoax, indie music guru, photographer & brains behind the skinny fists

why we started vodcasting: we're both recently mac-enabled. i wanted to show how easy it was to begin vodcasting. for content, we both love music a little too much, and we hope that through the use of video, we can share the cool things you ought to be listening to and what's out there in the world of music + intertubes

links mentioned
morgan's muxtape
brian's muxtape
morgan's blog
brian's blog: you're reading it now!

songs and/or albums mentioned
1. Follow The Lights (EP) by Ryan Adams
2. The Greatest (LP) by Cat Power
3. He War (Single) by Cat Power


morgan c. hoax said...

it's finally up! woot!

haha i think elegantlywasted.blogspot is a little more updated: ))

brian koh said...

@morgan c. hoax: indeed it is -) and updated accordingly.

Jonathan Kong said...

Wish the vodcast is longer, dude. Nice work guys! Both Morgan and yourself has chemistry onscreen. ;D

Jus a add, maybe throw in a couple of screenshots on the links? When is the next one? ;D

Jonathan Kong said...

Brian, FYI... the link to Morgan's blog is a no go. It says Blog not found.

brian koh said...

@jonathan kong: hey man! thanks for your comments, i'll devote more time to getting more cutscenes in there. probably put excerpts from MTVs we're talkinga bout or something.

I have a production background, so it shouldn't involve downloading some youtube links and file conversions to work in imovie. I just wanna keep it as simple as possible, and still informative for our audience (of one elephant, one gorilla and a duck)

and yeah, Morgan's blog is actually http://elegantlywasted.blogspot.com