Monday, June 2, 2008

revisiting the madness

my oh my. what a tragically long absence away from my blog. for a variety of reasons, i had avoided penning down my thoughts because as fatigue took over, i didn't want to post incoherently.

unfortunately, as the week progressed, more and more things amassed, and my lack of a draft system meant that i wasn't taking note of what i wanted to blog about.

there were a few highlights:

1. social media breakfast 2
i had fun as usual, and was always good to touch base with one of the more prominent blogging communities in Singapore.

2. and part ways.
accounts from the usual suspects here:
michael cheng [podfire]
aaron koh [blogger's treat]

3. byzantin3 posted some highlights from vinton cerf's keynote address. [vinton is part of the team that created TCP/IP protocols that are the architecture the Internet is built upon]
her department, Ogilvy One also posted an interview they had done with him online. chekkit out, it's 5 morselly minutes of goodness:

4. there's a new commoncraft show: social media in plain english

5. but do checkout the hacked version by kommonkraft for the new media douchebag.

i wish i had more input to the things i've just shared, but i'm a bit swamped with the way life is catching up with me. countless rehearsals for church, gigs and weddings make for a busy month. but things should lighten up after this week. *hopes meekly*

in other news, the new Baybeats 2008 website has been launched. My band Leeson will be playing at "Asia's largest indie rock festival" so do pop by and check out the video teaser they've put up for our band and the other 10 as well -)
my props go out to you and whose army? anna judge april. silhouette and cardinal avenue!


Daryl Tay said...

Heh the new media douchebag was ok but the presenter made it flop.

Joanna said...

Hey they did a good one for "Twitter in Plain English" on Youtube.

brian koh said...

@daryl tay: hahaha, yeah.. OTT parody of the wonderful stuff by the commoncraft guys -) but i liked the content, in line with my crap2.0 concept.

@joanna: yeah! most of the stuff by the commoncraft show is pretty wicked. they even have one on zombie survival.. haha