Monday, June 2, 2008

why you need a social media strategist like me

okay, purely off the bat, i'm not moonlighting my services, but this is an example of how being rather connected helps your cause.

it all started with this:

direct link here

An innocent tweet about the new socialite, an upcoming blog that seems to be covering the new media scene / blogosphere / twittersphere around singapore.

and they quoted me! linked my blog. AND! deemed my friend @ambarvalia crush worthy -)

oh, the wonders of having me as your friend will do wonders for your brand!

you can read the article here.

well, in my defence, i never "accused" anyone. for further evidence, please refer to above image and notice the tone of my "non-accusing" tweet. i mean, how harmless is that? -)

anyway, i don't think the new socialite means any harm, and i've already subscribed to its feed. if someone else has got the pulse on singapore, you've already got me hooked as a reader.

i've also yet to join the Facebook group that nadnut invited me to for i saw the trailer, and looking forward to what these new players in the vodcasting scene are gonna show us!

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