Saturday, October 25, 2003

i thought i'd nap for 45 mins, but i woke up the next morning instead. close to 11 hours worth of sleep. guess there was nothing to do last night. which makes me wonder whether my social needs will be met when i go back to spore. haha, i guess im trying not to get my expectations too high up. but yeah, when you think about it, it gets you down somewhat. like you can't control it all. haha, am i a control freak? one look in my room, you probably wont think so.

the only thing i can remember about my 11 hour stasis is i had to brush my teeth along orchard road, and then i was looking for a sink to spit, but i couldnt find any.

stasis, yeah, that's wot it felt like. the traffic passing us by as i stood watching.

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