Friday, October 17, 2003

this bloke died during training. i know it's gonna sound harsh, but shite happens. and it's the double standards that tick me off sometimes.

I am determined to establish the full facts of how such an unauthorised act occurred and to identify the persons responsible for it.

yeah, believe or not, NSFs and Regulars put their asses on the line everyday. i dunno, i don't usually sympathise with Regulars, but i mean, these blokes believed in defending the nation (i'd ideally like to think so), and they're not gonna paint pretty pictures during Combat Survival Training. So you want your son of the nation to be an effective killing machine, but he's not allowed to train under the harshest and riskiest conditions? and now he's a victim, not a hero? i dunno, it all looks the same to me. someone's gotta be the scapegoat, and it's not gonna be me.

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