Wednesday, October 29, 2003

conceded pass
no, that's not some inane touch rugby rule. that's my grade for my media writing exercise. it's official, i can't write a newspaper article, a radio script or analyse my own work. or at least my tutor thinks so. but waitaminute, if all you're gonna do is shorten my daymned scripts, shurely the other stuff must be alright! why then did you give me 6/12 for that section?!? of course i can only give you the minimum in terms of info, that's all the info we're fed with! oh, you smile pretty when i ask you how i can improve, and you say "yeahhh.. its just tying up lots of loose ends.." *sweet sanguine smile* oh, i've had enough of your type! bugger!!! i want more marks!! marks!!! i don't wanna fail anymore!!! *gasp*

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