Wednesday, October 17, 2007

damn straight it's about the content! and LEESON IS BACK!!!

i should be sleeping. i should have blogged over the past week. i should have done a lot of things.

well, as much as this blog has been a faithful companion to me through the years, it's going to fizzle out if i don't feed it content.

in fact, that's the same thing for almost every other blog, keeping blogging, don't stop, search for your readers and they will come searching for you.

well, it's been pretty busy on my side of the world, i have a press conference tomorrow morning, and i've just finished promoting my band's gig on facebook, and now i'll start with this post

for those of you not on facebook, check out the official leeson website here and sign up for the the mailing list.

we also have a myspace page where we showcase our music. they're all old songs, but they should hook you in to gasp more for our new material. leeson myspace if you're on myspace, do add us as your contact too!

the story so far: Leeson's last gig as a full band was almost two years ago. we're back and are going to concentrate on putting out music that will have your feet undoubtedly shuffling and your hands flailing maniacally. that's usually a good thing

our big comeback show is at the ever awesome Home Club at 1030pm this Friday, 19th October

i couldn't think of a better place than Home, where the drinks are good, the company is better and the live music and DJs are the best! my brightest star in local music, styra spins with Joe Ng for BEAT! every friday night, and its such an honour that they'll be spinning after us!

so come down! tell all your friends! put it on your blogs, Facebooks, Twitters and in your forums!

with all our love,

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