Tuesday, October 9, 2007

vote for Theory. Is The Reason!

okay, i really have to support one of the coolest people i know. virtually.

haha, i actually got to know of kevin lim's blog, theory is the reason by sheer luck while surfing ping.sg, but the quality of his content always kept bringing me back to his blog. i must admit, communications theory has always intrigued me, and maybe that's why i'm also currently doing what i'm doing, engaging people on the online space.

i was initially inspired to blog by two bloggers, yongfook and styra back in 2003, but lately it's been kevin that really inspires me to always think of the future of communications and what possibilities lie across the horizon.

so i must admit that i was stoked when i read this off his blog. a blogging scholarship! support kevin's work! vote now!


Anonymous said...

dude, i used to love yongfook!!!

keywords: used to... <=)


brian koh said...

Ave : hahaha, but what's not to love now???

Kevin said...

Hey, I love YongFook too. He's pretty hilarious. Yeah, what's not to love anymore?