Friday, October 26, 2007

new look and finally! an update!

no, it's not writers' block, it's just that i've been rather busy between the last sit-down post and this one.

i'm marred that the only real time i get to sit down and fill this blank white space, is when i have no activities and can actually sit in front of the computer and do stuff.

and i've done stuff, such as changing the look of this blog to colours which make me feel more comfortable, and perhaps reflect my state of mind. white goes rather well with black don't you think? colours as expression are usually overrated, i see this as a black and white canvas, especially when it comes to text.

text should be black on white, or vice versa.

so between our last conversation and this one, i've done a couple of things. firstly, i'm constantly updating my links. if there's one thing that i've loved about the internet, is that it allows me to share. now, i'm usually not bothered to update my blogroll or links list on the right, so if you want to know what's been appealing to me on the internet, check the cloud on the right and click on a tag that piques your curiosity. that usually gets updated regularly when i'm surfing the net at work, and if you want, add me to your network and share some links with me too. i really heart

i'm still trying to figure out what the problem is with my HV-20 and why adobe premiere does not recognise it as a camera device.

one thing that has been of interest and keeping me busy the past week has been the National Drug Abuse's latest anti-drug campaign, if you play, you pay it's nice summarised in this article here by the Straits Times Interactive. there's also a video at the bottom left of the page where i'm interviewed about the blogger involvement in this project.

two such bloggers are estee and dk

the story has been picked up on and singapore daily, two singaporean aggregation sites worth your while if the net ever seems a bit too much to trawl. it was also one of the top posts on, a singaporean version of digg. and from my end, i think that is pretty good coverage for something that hasn't particularly been plugged to death by mainstream media.

other things that have been hot, and i've been watching closely as well are repeal 377a vs. keep 377a. it's nicely tracked by singapore daily, so do stop over if you want to bring yourself up to speed about its developments. and in case you've been in the woods, the government has decided to keep the law in place, making it illegal for homosexual men to be caught having sex.

i'm still saving up for my black mac book, which i hope to purchase at the end of the year, and maybe a canon 400D kit after that.

daniel and i have also been busy getting our 2007 mix cd just right for our close friends, and it's also an annual project which we do to summarise the year in music, what got us excited, and basically a platform to share the joy.


eStee said...

Hope ur performance went well! :)

brian koh said...

estee : hahaha, it sure did! we got another one coming up on the 10th of November! do remember Leeson when you need original music for events!

priscilla said...

I like the clean white blog now! nice! I like clean, nice, neat blogs!!! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Nice look. Black on white but NOT vice versa. Too hard to read man.