Monday, October 8, 2007

how web 2.0 is changing the internet - videos!

hey gang, for those of you who are rather astute, you'll noticed that i've finally added an RSS subscription button, and here to tell you all about it are the kind folk from the common craft.

and you'll also notice on the sidebar, my account. if you want to know why is one of my favourite web 2.0 applications, watch this video at your own peril!

i hope these videos helped you in your adoption of the more recent web 2.0 applications, and how you can use them to your benefit if you're running a more professional blog, or even a social one. it doesn't really matter, just think of the new ways you can connect to your readers!

and if you're an avid RSS user like myself, please subscribe to my feed! haha, because heaven knows i've probably already subscribed to yours!

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