Monday, September 8, 2003

i've been to pretty buildings, all in search of you
man, i am a happy bunny today, yesterday, however you wanna look at it. i've finally turned 21. that coming of age whereby, i dunno.. you first step into adulthood? haha, i did it with the help of friends. *grin* my friends and audience in spore, this is wot the Lord has provided for me:

really, i thank the good Lord for each and everyone of you. how from my humble beginings from stepping onto perth soil july17, i have new friends to spend my birthday with. we went for dinner at a fish and chips joint called kaili's. thanks for being there, every single one of you. felix, adrian, jane, mitts, charmaine, sylvia, nic and jo! haha, it was good good fun to just chat around, fumble mumble whilst we made toasts in front of the camera, and stuffing ourselves silly with friend seafood. big hugs to all of you! shout outs to syl for baking me brownies, nic and jo for gettin' me those prezzies, in pink and purple wrappings no less! (that says alot aboot how attentive to detail you girls are!). haha, and bg shouts to felix for the rides, and just bringin' me around and being a friend and housemate. adrian and jane for all the times you buy bubble tea back for us, and haha.. company! mitts, charmaine. your awesome company is ALWAYS welcomed. haha.. thanks, thanks and thanks! haha, wot else can i say? *grin*

friends back in spore : thanks for you too! for being there the past 20 years! heh~ still love you guys loads!

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