Monday, September 1, 2003

you can't love the same man twice
so here i am. been so distracted lately, first with friendster, and now livejournal. oh wait, wot about my books? they're in the equation somehow.. haha. so yeah, it does feel weird having two public blogs. i mean, does one have to take precedence over the other? i hope not, but the one good thing aboot livejournal, is that because i downloaded this client, i can upload posts without having to open a browser. that is way neat if you asked me. i mean, i guess it puts the journal in livejournal. will i be ranting more on livejournal that it puts my provate life in jeopardy? i'm not that dumb, but neither am i that intelligent either. anyhow, i kept the scheme of this blog on the journal, if anyone's interested : the pink ranger kicks major ass.

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