Monday, September 22, 2003

everything is absolutely perfect. we went to the city on saturday, i bought myself AUD63.85 worth of CDs. and i'm happy with every single one of them! it's a big pinch, considering i spent alot this month on various items. but i can't regret it forever.. so yeah, i'll really treasure these cds.

and yes, i did buy thirteenth step. loveitloveitloveit! there's nothing to regret from that saturday! it's not as heavy as mer der norms, reminds me a bit of a mellow nine inch nails. melody's a big mainstay for this album.. it seems to borrow very heavily from robert smith for the mellower bits. all in all, i love it. might i do an album review soon? heh~

and not just that, i bought zero7, coldplay's single "god put a smile on your face" and the door's "LA woman".

and now i must depart, to watch the "anabelle chong story" at nic's place. a life of debauchery i have gone slowly downward. pray for my soul friends..

dinner : some roasted steak with spuds and onions

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