Sunday, September 28, 2003

sunday seems safe
it's been a gorgeous sunday. it didn't rain, even though they said it would. i'm glad it didn't, but it might later on. i've gotta two week break comin' up starting monday, i shure could use a break! heh~ anyhow, i went to this mega fair yesterday, as chris martin would say: mega! it was the perth royal show, and nic took lots of photos that day. so when she passes the loot to me, it'll go here. straight here! no questions asked! there's lots to be proud of. i took part in a colouring contest and dont know if i'll win yet, and then i managed to string hokkien expletives for an entire loop on the miniature roller-coaster. which if my cell members get to know, may not listen to anymore of my 'advice' and 'takes on the world'. haha.. but yeah.. it was an unwinding (albeit expensive) experience. oh, this post was supposed to be aboot sunday right? nothing happened today.

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