Tuesday, September 9, 2003

you stole the sun from my heart
haha, i don't know why.. but mogwai does an interesting cover of the now defunct manic street preacher's classic. says alot don't it? i really love that line, even if it sounds bleak.

but i had a wonderful time today. after school, i hit the gym again with my house blokes, felix and adrian. wen tagged along too. haha, i embarked on more circuit training, not daring to go to the free weights where all the big guys were. yeap, i cowered in the corners of assisted machines where lean trim ladies were at it instead. i'd rather be lean and trim then bulked though. but that's another tale for a less-embarressing time. *grin*

so yeah, went home, and this time cherylin, peivn, jessie and jonathan took me out to fish and co. for dinner. thanks guys, i had a swell time, from the wine, swordfish collarbones, the laughs and the inane three slices of cake. i won't forget this evening easily. *grin* our my word for today is : spunk

and so, let me savour the last five mins of my birth anniversary. heh~

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