Wednesday, December 6, 2006

its so heavy from the weight of the world
i wish someone could explain to me this weariness that i feel on a daily basis. perhaps it has something to do with coming home at 3am the past two nights.

singapore's always like that, land of the never sleeping. well, or something.. haha. glad i could be with a few of my friends before the mission trip, visited the australia high commission to settle my visa status. still kinda pretty much at square one, and now they want me to apply for a student visa all over again. *sigh* paperwork upon paperwork.. it really got me thinking about the importance of being a citizen somewhere, your rights of a citizen and how no matter how you try, sometimes you never really belong in a place that doesn't see you as one of them. i was breaking the law by being in australia the past 4 months, but i can never be breaking the law with merely existing in singapore. i'm not saying one's more special than the other, but just stressing how important it is that a sense of belonging extends to more than just an emotional attachment, but also rather political.

also, i watched concave scream perform again. awesome as always, with a tremendous cover of radiohead's climbing up the walls. sweeeeeeeeet.. blew my mind away.

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