Thursday, December 7, 2006

tragic careless times with no end in sight
maybe when i write, the words don't really come out..?

let's see what i've done with my time today. i woke up, had brekkie with my mom at 11. then i dropped her by church and then i came home to settle a bit of administration. I wrote emails to my university and my cell group explaining what was happening, and i also made sure they i was cleared to leave singapore for hong kong because my mission trip is tomorrow. after that, i've been staring at my computer screen from three to four pm because i have absolutely no idea what to do now.

and so now, none of my friends are around, they're either working, studying, at a camp or i dont know what else. guess its just one of them days when i just wanna get stoned at watch the hours fly. but it's not really happening..

anyhows, HK missions tomorrow! gonna be away from then till dec24th! so keep us in your prayers -)

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