Saturday, December 30, 2006

kid, you're really starting to tick me off

so this gimp decides to run me over with his car.

i have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about. i've just come back from a session of paintballing, and this time it hurt less because the only place i was shot was on the side of my kneecap. interestingly enough, i was the last man standing in one of the games we played. nice!

also, i'm pretty tired right now, thinking of lying down on my bed for awhile before dinner, but i'm also thinking abit about the social dynamics of singapore and wondering why people do the things they do. i just don't want things to turn into an all out bitch-fest because then it wouldn't be harmless anymore.

tomorrow's the last day of 2006 and i don't feel particularly reflective yet.. it just feels rather passive for the moment. but maybe things will change in the coming days.

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