Tuesday, December 5, 2006

run that by me again?
hmmmmm.. apparently when i applied for a visa extension, i was supposed to have been the one to go get my visa application done at the immigration office in my own time. but nobody told me! GAHHHHHHHH. this sucks on so many levels because it was my fault and i can't start to blame anyone else. so about 75% of what i said in the prior post is negated, and i'll be doing a lot more negotiating and passing the blame.

okay guys, if you're reading this and you think brian deserves to go back to australia between february and march 2007, then pray that immigration grants him the request to attend his graduation ceremony. or better yet, have more faith and pray that despite his mistake, that the embargo will be lifted so that he can freely travel to australia anytime he wants for the next three years and beyond.

this is a rather humbling experience.

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