Wednesday, July 4, 2007

all the time in the world
and yet they don't give me enough. it's hard to blog regularly these days, i just don't have the time nor energy to maintain a professional life, bassplaying, church and my family and friends without giving blogging a miss every now and then. so you'll excuse me if this blog becomes neglected for a few days on end sometimes.

i'm taking the advice of one of my colleagues, jim, to blog at least once or twice a week in time set aside to do just that. i don't know why, but in my desperate bid to do everything, i just didn't think of organising my time to incorporate blogging. such a simple time management tool and yet, it lost its effectiveness on my thick skull.

jim's great, he's only in singapore for two days, and he really puts a lot of good ideas in your head and gets your brain chugging. awesome stuff. -)

it's also times like these that i love where i'm working. while some are wary of PR, it's probably because of the bad jobs it's done in the past. but also, there's a lot of good that happens in it. we get to share some really cutting edge and ground breaking stories. companies give us all these nuggets of information about their products and services, and really.. what we do in an essence is tell the general public what's hot and what's not. that may not sound like much, but that's because we take such information for granted. we expect to consume media everyday, we expect to know what's going on where, when and why.. and public relations really helps organise that information, and better yet, we can converse with you directly what you thought of such information.

it drives it all back to communication and conversation. listening to you, and recommending something that would be valuable to your life and your business. cuz we're in a business to know and share.

haha.. okay, i'm glad i took the time to type all this out, because i'm going to be headed into the studio for one of our church's recording projects. till the next post!

also, if you've noticed, i finally soled the problem of not having individual posts permalinks, but i solved it by copying the link generated by blogger, and just making my title a simple permalink. tada! now you can permalink my blog posts and use it in technorati or i always had these problems cuz i'm actually running a pre web 2.0 template. so all the meta you see in the side bar is really just cobbled pieces of scripting that i usually don't understand. -)

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