Monday, July 23, 2007

two things i would like to see

after three months of experience navigating the Internet and developing outreach strategies, i'm going to pen down two ideas that i hope to see fulfiled so that i can do my work easier, and also to have a more rewarding experience:

1. if there's a desktop widget that tracks my all the websites i've visited in a day and compiles a chronological list of those websites, i can review a historical stream of everything i've done in the day and give myself a good debrief. extra points if this history page can be streamed to or RSS. i'm looking at full automation, and yes, i know it's called the "history" tab, but again, i want it in chronological and the times i was there. sometimes i feel as if i miss out on certain things and it would be nice to re-cap the day's activities.

2. if facebook application developers can come up with more applications that don't require your friends to have the same application to interact with you, it might go against the "networking" appeal of applications, but it might foster more interactivity. plus i'm sure we've all been app. bombed before, and it is irritating. as much as i am a zombie ninja, i don't wanna bother too many people or for too many people to bother me.

people on the same page as me, share your thoughts! comments below.


June said...

try igoogle :)

litford said...

june : i shall -)