Tuesday, July 17, 2007

and i'm afraid of changes, because a landslide brought me down

i've finally upgraded my blog template so that it's more up to date with current web technologies. it was nice to keep the old site like an old shop house amongst the ever-growing metropolis, but alas, i think i gave in to upgrades just to compete with the rest of the net proletariat. i will however, strive to bring all the charm from the old blog back to this one. rest assured, this blog remains your cathartic haven.

i've changed the colour scheme, though for what i reason i have no real point. it does remind me of national park colours though.

i'll tackle the technical issues in the next post.

Well, Looky here

some of you may have seen this picture already. but yeah, i got myself a new vest and three new t-shirts in the past two weeks. a bit of binge shopping or retail therapy, but yeah.. just felt the need for pampering. i really should be saving up for a rainy day though. but it's just too much fun.

three basses and one boy

i've also acquired a new addition to my wonderful low frequency family of four stringers. isobel, the one in the middle is a cream crafted in japan, fender precision bass from the fine year of '00. her name was inspired by bjork's medulla album because of the colour, but my brain latched on to the single from "post", hence isobel. just the strangest way my mind works. if it's even working at all. flanking her on the left is bb, and on the right is oren ishii.

lotsa new things, lotsa new things indeed. yay, new blog.. be excited y'all.. leave more comments, tag my stuff, take part in things.


Jeremy said...

I kinda liked mindless grapes though :D

litford said...

jeremy : yeahhh.. i'm sorta still trying to sort the kinks out.. please be patient! -)

ailing said...

ya... miss the distinct purple. But it has been raining so it's ok to be spending... :) n finally changes are good, keeps it real.

beatmastermark said...

hmm.. the bass in the middle.. kinda has the same colour as karen's car doesn't it?

litford said...

ailing : hahaha.. it is different without the purple, but maybe green is the new harmless?

beatmastermark : eh yeahh! it is the same colour! hahaha, i never noticed that! -)

ailing said...

green is good. we like green.

litford said...

jeremy : yeahh.. it did have a certain charm to it -)

Geraldine said...

ahhh!!! i wanted to get the green notebook! but $20 was abit steep...for now =P

litford said...

geraldine :for now -) only the cool chicks get the green notebook. that much i know, you'd be the third -))