Thursday, July 12, 2007

what in the world brian been keeping up to?
well, i've got about ten more minutes till the lunch hour is up, so i might as well use the given time to actually maintain the sordid purple space.

what has been keeping me busy? a good dose of work during the day time, and quite a fair bit of music related business at night. i just tracked a bass part yesterday for a friend's recording project which involves worship songs he's written a few years back and now, we're finally committing it to tape/hard drive because.. sharing is caring. -)

was also busy last week with the gig that happened on saturday, so that's two nights of practice, plus i had worship practice for sunday, so effectively that was six nights of music related activities after work.

we're playing this saturday again, so it'd be good if you could make it down to cineleisure at 9pm that night, we'll be playing originals as one point brilliance, and well.. catharsis and emoting do usually go hand in hand. expect a brilliant live performance, or at least listen to the lyrics, they get me in a frenzy everytime i hear them.

got a media event tonight, and probably a drinking session tomorrow night for a friend's last day in the office, saturday looks set for rehearsals, soundchecks and gigs. maybe my day of respite will be sunday -)

i've also been listening to a lot of the psotal service lately. there's something about their lyrics, the timbre of his voice and the strange bleeps that they put together to form music and melody. i'm a late bloomer to them, but i can see why the many folk hold them in such high regard. my favourite song right now is nothing better which has been arranged in a way of an arguing couple. the words become song, and a real conversation. sort of heartbreaking, and yet beautiful with it's fragile disposition.

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