Thursday, July 19, 2007

A day in this office

Finally got round to adding some of my own decor to my table. Damn graffiti right?


bong said...

hey brian, thanks for the well wishes. well i take that back about saying that youth groups are stupid. they have good intentions, and i suppose i simply have a different agenda. but I love God, God loves me, and the relationship between God and I is all that matters. I simply believe that God is everywhere, not just in youth groups, and i just find it annoying that people think you've 'strayed' from God the moment you stop attending sessions and stuff.

Your nice, and im glad you understand where i'm coming from (hopefully) haha

God bless you


litford said...

bong : thanks man, no worries -) we gotta work the other side of the road once in awhile. and yeah, you're right, God isn't just found in youth groups, and it sucks when people look at you (us) funny if we're going thru a hard time sometimes. there probably is a little bit of a pharisee and all of us, when we think we know it all.

but that's when we don't need God either. -)

so i'd rather not know it all and need a whole lot more God