Monday, December 29, 2003

everything before five minutes ago is forgettable
i'm losing my knack of blogging. i probably can't remember the 21 steps to brew coffee even if it could cure genital warts. so the family was watching hollow man on the telly, and i couldnt listen to my mp3s because of that. but i can't really complain much, because its not my house, or my computer. in fact nothing is mine, and i'm nothing. hell, someone should just strip me and hang me up a flag pole declaring wot a useless twip i am. so my mom was kinda baby-talking me just now too. sometimes i dont mind, tonight i did. i mean.. i didn't respond. do i have to? mebbe, i probably owe her and everyone else too much. our circles are just too overlapped. but i can't remember when i didnt think it mattered. it hurts as much then as it does now.

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