Thursday, December 4, 2003

i've forgotten the words
to the song. to the things i've wanted to say. to fractal bits and pieces of absolute truth. to the things you should hear. to the memories of our past. to a perfect synposium. to describing the immense bleakness of our universe. to making you feel alive. to warm your heart. to remind us we're still alive. that mean so much. to the language of our souls.

blood rains on a perfect white
© Pete Stone 2002

i was watching three seasons last night, and yeah.. vietnam looks like a beautiful place. of course it was overly-romanticsed, but i think for a country to have survived the american occupation. i dunno, a part of me just wants to see and hear. taste, smell and touch. step out of my box. life's not just about music. and rockstar glamour. haha, i guess i just wanna see wot the rest of asia is like. its not about looking elsewhere for answers. its wanting to experience, not to boast, but to learn. you learn something new everyday.

but watching radiohead perform, makes you want to be rockstars.

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