Thursday, December 18, 2003

jilted lovers playing numbers - gt
i kinda realise you can't escape it all the time. i'm back, but thing's are kinda where i left them. and if i change them, i'm shaping the world. i don't want to be God in that sense. but i'd like to be like him in love. accepting.

i dídn't come back with answers. i read, and everyone seems to be growing, while i seem to be devolving. i'm breaking it down when it's being built up. and yet, there is courage to endure and love. to feel some semblance of peace.

i have some unifinished buisness. i don't wanna call up my uni office and check why i got an N for introduction to screen studies for. i don't wanna know the truth, that i might have mucked up my final paper after doing above average for my assignments. i don't wanna retake the unit, and i don't wanna not be able to do a double major. i don't wanna be a washout.

but tomorrow comes anyhow. this is how you've got to face it. there are other things to look forward to. a my dark star ep, brian morgan's top 13 deviant tracks of 2003, a christmas that makes sense and a step closer to the end. to completion.

but it's not my kinda scene, oh yeah... - powderfinger

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