Tuesday, December 2, 2003

a progression of instant beats
it looks like its going to rain. again. gahhh.. i come back and get this? rain? if every raindrop were a penny, it'd make sense. and hurt like hell. so yeah, i'm stupid. not stupid in the intelligence department. just stupid with a bad memory. i forgot to take my conference tag, and had to go all the way back home to collect it. yeah, and then i decided to take a nap (even though i slept early at 12). so i'll be headed to the conference at 3. i won't forget my tag this time. but i'll probably just forget something else. one thing has to lead to another. i had a wicked dream last night, it felt kinda real, and i think it was playing with my subconciious obsessions. and then even when i napped, i had another realistic dream. probably another obsession. jeepers creepers, i scare the shite out of myself even when i don't try.

on another note, i don't intend to stuff myself silly on local food as i did yesterday. but, that sin of indulgence, just seems so right.

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