Monday, December 1, 2003

journey to the center of the earth
so i'm attending the fever 100 conference for missions. everything has kinda been going into fast forward ever since i got back, but i reckon that this conference is helping put God into perspective. also feel as if, someone's been praying for my heart to be more mallable, because i could actually think "well, i may have thought about that before, but i guess i'm not exempted from wot this speaker is saying with regards to my life."

so anyhow, my missions team decided to attend the creative arts workshop. where the teacher challenged us to worship God out of the box. thru words, plastersine, paint, mosiac or crayons. i chose words, crayons and plastersine. well, the fella in charge of the words liked a lil something that i wrote. and when the teacher asked if any caught his fancy, i was one of the two he pointed out. he named the first girl whom he quoted from, but he didnt say my name. he did however tell me before that he found it creative. and him being a lit teacher before, he shared he used to write on the chalkboards "human being. being human". and yeah, score one for sjsm! ailing got picked twice for something that a station master liked! she scored in the crayons and plastersine. haha, good to know our church was creative (but then, we were probably the older ones in the workshop =p)

haha, anyhow. i forgot the excitement when someone actually acknowledges your craft. that's wot the station master ian did for me. and well he didnt say my name, or acknowledge me to the worshop, it was good.. because i think God knew that if that happened, my ego would just swell to no end. and i'd be more concerned with how my words can be special to God, then him being the simple pleasure to everything around me. but still, i was acknowledged in a humble way, and i guess.. that was God's lil present for me today.

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