Tuesday, December 21, 2004

listening to that skanky liquid bassline
sometimes, when you can't think of anything to write, you feel dead. then you just need to think of a word, or the first thing that pops into your head. like me typing in here that i can't exactly think of something to write, and voila! i've got something to write, something to tell you, that there isn't anything to tell. that's wot i wanna tell you.

but i also wanna share a bit about the beauty of the bassline. the bassline is like a spinal chord that walks, its the unseen backbone that usually holds a song together, communicates between the percussion rhythem and the melodic harmonies. its like stuck in between, for a special time such as this. it's not exclusive, its not more special than any other instrument, but its just an instrument that found its way into my arms. and like you, i've learnt to wield it the best way i can, the best way i can express myself, to make sense of the world, the art and the craft. there are so many things i wanna tell you, whisper in your ear so that you could see it the way we did, that's why we strive to communicate. like vampires feeding off each other, the band is a perfectly self-sustaining entity. the bassline is just a voice like any other, sometimes louder, sometimes softer, sometimes meaning something, sometimes meaning nothing.

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