Wednesday, December 29, 2004

shame the world
many a times, my email address gets mistaken for today's title, but it's no where as depressing, and more akin to being everlastingly random.

i've just gotten back from a family trip to Malacca, and it had it's moments. one thing's for shure, nothing's perfect, or perfection is a flawed concept. put a family in the same room, or put them together for three days is something like a social experiment. we've more or less been living together for the past twenty two to twenty three years, and still we're not used to each others habits, how we express ourselves, we still can't read the inherent meanings we try to get across, we still get misunderstood. it's a fragile thing these relationships, and i thought it was a dynamic time to know my family again, where somewhere in between at about the age of twenty, i've never really stayed at home due to NS commitments and overseas studies. i'm still the same and i'm not the same. just ask my mother -)

a strange number of events happened whilst overseas, watching the malay news in the hotel room as they showed us repeated footage of the tsunami disasters, the worst earthquake in our present history.. a sign of our generation perhaps. one final event to rock 2004 out of balance. it's a tragedy, the day after Christmas, so strange, so sudden, so close yet so far. it's hard to feel when you're not really there, yet it makes all your current problems miniscule in the grand scheme of things, and yet sometimes we still choose to entertain our current predicaments with a vengence by shutting all else out of our lives. no we can't carry the weight of the world on our shoulders though we'd like to, to show that we're in control. but we're not.

geosynchronous orbit
it looks like we're moving
but we're not

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