Friday, December 24, 2004

what christmas means to me
no riddles, no metaphors. i thought i'd just share what the season means to me because it's a special season. not at first glance, but after a continued existence of twenty-two years.

frankly, i don't even know where to begin. the words are coming out all weird

at the risk of being cast as self-righteous, Christmas to me is about Jesus Christ God, Saviour Of The World and Friend. it's a time to reflect on God's greatest gift to mankind, the infinite love that God has for us (humanity) that he presented us with Jesus God incarnate

two thousand and four years ago (it's easy to count *grin*), a very important person was born in a manger. many of us know the story, but do we know the storyteller? is it so hard to believe, that two thousand and four years ago, a baby Jesus was born to a carpenter and his wife who was still a virgin at the time. that's how miraculous that birth was. is it hard to believe that the birth of Jesus was prophecised extensively in the old testament, and it met every single one of those requirements, and still many jews don't recognise that Jesus was more than just another man, but the Messiah himself who fulfiled every prophecy written about him from his birth, death and ressurection.

Christmas is a day when we reflect our status in the grand scheme of things, the great love of our Heavenly Father, the greatest story that is still being written. i'm excited for Christmas, i'm glad many of us still remember what Christmas really means, it's more than a holiday, it's more than religious, it somewhere more akin to God's majesty over all the things of this world and more.

Merry Christmas everybody, God loves all of you!

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