Friday, December 31, 2004

childish pranks
i think i'm such a tantrum thrower. it's easy when you live on your own, because you plan your own timetable and you waste your own time. being single means you don't have a significant other to plan your life around. this i'm just wondering, because when i'm at home i gotta choose between family and friend. and if i don't get wot i want, i could get prissy or just go along with it and just sulk through it. not exactly the most mature of persons, but i think it's been happening ever since i got back.

and for all the self-righteous sharing with thomas about how as musicians we ought to take one for the band, lay off our ego-trips and wank fests on our instruments, i could throw a tantrum here and there too. i'd deliberately play a line that you suggested over and over again just to spite whoever suggested the idea in the hopes that it won't work out, thus proving i was right all along. *sigh* longay, you're prolly gonna read this anyhow.. but yeah lah, i'm dealing in my own way the contributions i'm making to music. but no worries! it's not as serious as it sounds -) i still thank the Lord everyday that we're all friends first before the music.. and that inspires me to play better and to be open to each and everyone of you. and of course my folks *grin*

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