Monday, January 3, 2005

just to feel
2005! these wheels keep on turning and the world keeps spinning. nothing has waited for me to get it all right before everything else carried on. nope, it's not about me and everything about me.

looking back
as i sit here musing, or panicking about finding something intelligent, something tangible to report about the year that has past us to preach to the world, self-recognition only gets us this far.

you in spore might have noticed that i've been away for almost an entire year, i almost wanted to see how long i could spend away from my/a comfort zone. it was a tremendous experience, and it's easy to see how this is such a comfort zone when i so easily lapse back into the things of singapore that irk me and put a smile on my face. perhaps this is home, shurely?

whilst in perth, where i spent a big part of my life.. God's thought me so much with church, cell group, dumb mistakes (purely behavioural), the worship ministry and band that i joined, old friends from faraway sydney stopping for a visit, making two video projects with some of the most amazing people i could have worked with, having a great house to stay in, a chance to zip around in an easily identifiable car, catching sarah mclachlan!

and then i had a immense life-saving adventure with napkin man in melbourne

the mission trip to Japan to just spend time with God and His people.

and just being back for the holidays to spend with my folks and friends, to just have leeson come this far thru the sheer persevearance of my friends/bandmates and the divine grace of God.

i know it's been a blessed year, yet almost everytime when i looked at myself on a single day, i never felt lucky, almost joyous from self-moping and mistakes which could have been avoided. lift your eyes of the ground! and see the cross that has saved you! not by your own efforts! Amen, thanks for everyone who has and still is a part of my life to this point. thank you Lord for just even bothering about me -)

6 more days to the esplanade gig!

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