Wednesday, January 5, 2005

why does it always oon me?
travis are just such a great band to watch. thomas lent me their live at the castle dvd, and i'm having such a ball just being immersed in their performance. they're witty, showy and just write some of the most memorable tunes of our times. rockstars don't get made, they're born.

well, i think i've got some sort of attention deficit disorder, but it seems that everytime i come online, i start yakking away with my friends (you), and then i forgot to do all the chores i planned to do. right now, i'm contemplating going out to getting my holga snaps printed and just bumming. but i think the moral thing to do is to actually go out.

sorry for the lack of updates, not really finding a mood to write. like, there's nothing really worth commenting on. most people have something to say about the tsunamis, i guess i do too, but i haven't thought it out properly yet. meet me on the streets and i'll go stark raving mad on you.

leeson has been practicing hard the last three nights in the studios to give all of you a quality performance. if you're reading this, please try to make it down, give spore music a shot, but not just to support local, but really something that's worth your time. this band was not birthed on alcohol and rockstardom, though we roleplay that at times.

tokyo bicycle parking lots

so i guess right now i'm in post-landing mood. when life's starting to settle down, and the dust is clearing. i still haven't made an effort to look for a job, so i won't whinge on that. right now, i guess i'm just concentrating on preparing for the next semester, prepping my laptop for music recording and design and do something about my interests. of course i could always pack my room.

kids being kids at tokyo disneyland

so these are just a few snapshots i snapped whilst i was in japan, i've got a few more that can probably only be posted in febuary because the pictures aren't with me. it's just a tiny glimpse of life in claustrophobic japan, the cuteness of the kids to the eventual compact lives they will live when they grow up.

elementary school where some action songs were going on

the magnitude of the cities probably reflect the emptiness in the hearts of many people living in japan. as the cities enlarge to feed the hungry souls of the starving hearts, it's a grim reflection at the state of human condition. in fact, none of us are exempt. we all try to find ways to fill our lives up, we're never content, we keep going for the next big thing, or the next alternative thing, we try to be different by being alike. we want to be accepted by rebelling. even we don't know the true state of our heart, sometimes we don't even know the true extent of damage we have inflicted on ourselves. where we think we have been healed, the undercurrents are much more turbulant. Jesus said he was the water of life, and that whoever drinks of His well will never go thirsty, He is the bread of life, whoever eats of him will never grow hungry. and it's true, the most peace i have ever felt, always comes from Him alone. not from good friends or music, but something which comes from heaven, and heaven alone.

a vast sea of people in shibuya

3 more days till your magic carpet ride

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