Friday, January 21, 2005

love is the reason
i don't think today's post has anything to do with being sappy.. in the neverending saga of brian's battle against the malicious forces of software contamination, our hero has managed to isolate the problem but still victory is beyond his grasp. one wonders if our stalwart hero is actually just walking into his arch-nemesis's trap. while the innocent at home are finally able to surf the internet at a decent speed, they have to keep a pop up window open if not the browser will mysteriously implode in on itself. our weary hero finally decides that the mother of all battles will have to be waged another day as he lays his weary head on the soft pillow of his mediocre villan bashing skills and perhaps call in for reinforcements from good friends like napkin man who aren't only battlers of social retardedness, but perhaps virtual assailants.

and in more exciting indie boy escapades, oneliner got cancelled by reknowned pub for today's 8.30 slot. the music coordinator cited reasons such as they won't be many people coming today since it's a public holiday, why don't you guys play next week? to further understand the undercurrents in this matter, oneliner has played there a couple of times not for money, but for food and beer. meaning, only the resident band gets paid in dosh. now, nothing wrong with that, because it's good exposure for us, and the oppurtunity of a lifetime.. but it's not too hard to see that the way the band is being treated, is a disposable and expendable asset to the establishment. getting cancelled one-day before with no real form of restitution because hey, we don't really matter. perhaps these sentiments should be spelled out early in the working relationship so that the band doesn't think you're gonna offer it any more real shots at a regular gig and think of their so-called shot at a paying gig. all this really shows is that, you the establishment are too good for anything else that comes your way. and if we're not treated as partners, then employees, and even employees get paid. if you're looking out for our interests, then tell us where we stand, if we suck that's why you're not paying us, let us know.

but if we're being treated like someone you can call to fill up space whenever, then it proves you don't have our best interests at heart.

so you're treating us like fill ins, then we're filling in for you for free.

but if you're sincere about helping us and as such are not paying us, then be more active about your sincerity and not just call us for random "we need someone to play at this time" whenever gigs. or if we're really not that good yet, let us know and put us in our place.. at least we can see where our band is headed.

the case is laid as such, and sometimes, all we wanna be treated as, is the same way you would wanna be treated yourself.

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