Tuesday, January 4, 2005

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it's early in the day, and i'm not sleeping yet because we're just waiting to digest food. i may feel my senses slowly fading, numbing my brain to the surrounding conciousness, but at least tomorrow i'll feel better, no more constant burping.

so then, morgan c.hoax and i met up today to purchase our materials to bring you the annual brian morgan compilation, this one hastily entitled white noise. offering you another two shee-dees of unbridled mind-blowing sonic displeasure that will get your toes tapping, lips humming and your brain asking itself wot the heck was that? this is music not to be trifled with, and we're glad, always glad to share it with you.

another rich busy rehearsal with the band, this time reunited with jamie who has been missing in action the past two weeks, but making up for lost time, he really rocked out on the vocal takes. he's got a great voice, and is really an integral piece of the leeson identity. we're practicing hard to put up a quality show, something to inject some hope back into our decaying lives. to have not just our music speak to you, but our relationships with you. on and off the stage, we're just like you.. we just rock harder *grin*

peace and rocks folks!

5 before we rock your socks!

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