Friday, January 14, 2005

only in spore can one person chuckle to oneself over a stupid inane brand known as otafuku. incase you haven't realised, i otafuku. geddit? hurhurhur, nevermind if you don't, let me just wallow in this moment, the same way pork wallows in mud.

so today gt, thomas and i began distroing the new leeson to the shops. it's a new experience, very DIY and as usual, the bigger shops aren't as willing to take our stuff onboard as much as the smaller shops. well, i'm not sulking, it's purely buisness i guess, and i suppose when you've come this far, buisness plays a part. it's a lot of work to just make enough to break even and then gig and record the next evolution. some people should be glad they can do this for a living.

i really think the new material is inaccesible. it was a violent contrast to the radio-friendly vibe of wot one of the shop uncles was playing in his shop earlier. the moment he put our cd on and the as the first few notes to travels with lizbeth chime over the speakers.. you're imediately thrown into the deep end. however, as off-putting as our initial stuff sounds, i do feel there are a lot of common sense pop sensibilities in the record. shure it sounds weird, but more often than not, the sense of melody is really just done in a weirder way. i think with the leeson EP, you're thrown in the deep end, but you end up swimming to shore, and more importantly: you learn how to swim.

i don't know about the rest of the band, but i don't want reviews of our EP to be mind-blowing and exploding in the stars. the last time i read a review that did that, i ended up buying a vARnish record. no, i'd hope that whoever reviews our stuff contain that excitement, and put it as it is. if you're reaching a massive audience, great really should just be written as mediocre. because while we know its great, you can't deny it, there's a reason why accesible things aren't extreme things. don't get me wrong, i'm not going on some "emporer's new clothes" fiasco here, but we didn't set out to make a pop record, so our perspectives differ. however, those pop sensibilities show, we do enjoy accesibility, we still want to get heard as well.

and was just talking to gt about regional plans, because lets face it, singapore is small. how many venues can you play, how many times can you play the same setlist over and over again and the same fans come gig after gig and the setlist remains the same? and having said that, how often can we as a band write new material? do you understand tghe mathematics of this? singapore is small. we playing jurong, bishan, marina and changi and that's it.. you've covered singapore. now, say your loyal fans go for three of those gigs, you play the same set, they're not gonna keep coming, you're gonna lose your appeal really really fast. shure we can write new material, but new material does not get written well if you're writing it for the sake of writing it. no, we wanna play our set to a bigger and wider audience. that's why bands tour, to keep it fresh. we may play the same set, but we're reaching out to different audiences, that's wot keeps it refreshing. so yeah, globally might be too massive an outlook, though most dream of plans like that. but having regional plans, tours to malaysia, indonesia, thailand.. more collaborations between the asian/asean artistes/artists can be encouraged. well, mainly for singapore.. because our creative pool is too darned small. i'm not saying it's bad, i'm saying it's small. and that's just my rough analysis of rockstardom in spore.

well, the EPs are out, please get them! and we're also playing another gig on the 26th of January. tell all your friends, it might be our last gig for the next four to five months with me going back to perth and gerald studying in melbourne. but yeahhh, hopefully new material is in the works, jamie's solo project should begin to take flight, and leeson will be back before you know it!

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